Hi! I am Christopher Cumby

“I am a Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Dreamer, and Achiever!”

“I teach people how to make become successful doing something they love, and work less!”

Early in my life, I felt the urge to ask questions of “how” people became successful in life – not only successful with money, but how they were fulfilled and found their true happiness in their life. I come from humble beginnings – a middle class family with a stay at home mom and a working dad yet somehow my parents always made things work. They provided for me and my siblings. We didn’t have much,  but I was happy as a child and it became a great environment to become a creative thinker.

I was so curious to understand why some people were high achievers and others were not. I read about achieving success and was introduced to great books upon joining Amway in the late 1980’s. I began to see the power of networking early in life and was interested in building wealth that would continue to accrue.

I was a wrestler for more than 10 years, and that experience helped me tremendously in three ways.

One, it taught me to be a “leader” and to appreciate a team environment.

Two, it taught me to be “self reliant” as I was the only one on the mat when it was time to compete.

Three, it taught me to always be a student of the sport, and listen to my coach in order to continue my improvement. I think in many ways, sports are a great foundation to building a successful life.

Armed with a positive attitude and increasing confidence, I began working towards a greater purpose in life. I recognized the power within myself to do anything that my heart desired. I realized that my heart energy was the most powerful force in the world and we all possess this incredible magic .

As I still endeavour to be a world’s leading thought leader in human potential and development, I still maintain who I am, caring and passionate for a better world!

I appeared on public television, like Brian Tracy’s TV Show, America’s Premier Experts. My clients include entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, and entertainers.

I am following the Abundance360 mastermind with Peter Diamandis, Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space.

One of my main spiritual guides has been Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I have been fortunate enough to realize this power at a very young age.

I have studied the Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons, by Napoleon Hill and it has been my main source of learning during my entrepreneurial years.

There is a frequency to successful living, and achieving your dreams, and when you are able to surround yourself with exceptional people, and creative people, you will “automatically discover your genius zone”.

Your foundation of knowledge is the most important asset when endeavoring on your dreams, the ability to build deep creates the ability to go high. I will teach you to master this concept and create the rock solid base to your future. So come join me on the adventure, I assure you that you will create a new you, the one you always knew you were inside!

“Do what you love, turn faith into action, and find the courage to try!”

Chris Cumby

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