2016 is right around the corner! What is your success game plan?

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Coaches do not prepare for championship games without a detailed and well-considered gameplan. CEO’s do not lead their companies into the new year without a thoughtful and carefully crafted budget, marketing agenda, and purposeful goals for the forthcoming year ahead. So why is it that creating the life of your dreams is any different? The truth is that the practice of living your most successful life is similar to coaching an important game or leading an organization. The same rules, principles, and guidelines apply to professional and personal endeavors. Simply put: if you want to succeed, you have to lead with a kick a$$ plan to cultivate and craft that desired outcome.

So with that in mind, success is something most people strive for. We work to be viewed as successful, to feel successful, and to carry all the enormous accomplishments and benefits of actually being successful. But the reality is, success is something entirely unique to each of us. What may be success for you is unreachable for someone else. A promotion could be successful. A new car could be successful. A bigger house could be successful. A happy family could be successful. Cooking a nice dinner could be a great success. The point is that we all view success as something specific to our own lives.

The great thing about success—and what makes it so entirely special—is that we each have the exciting opportunity and responsibility to decide how we define success. We are the ones who determine how exactly it manifests in our lives.

Regardless of how you define success, some basic and fundamental pillars are often present among success as a whole. That is where my new book and this show comes into play. “Think Bold, Be Bold” is designed to bring Unique & Raw insight into what it takes to succeed!

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Stay tuned for my upcoming book, “Success Playbook!”

Success Playbook is not just your companion, but at times, will serve as your guiding light through the journey to build a fundamentally successful life. You get to define success—no one will do it for you. Together we will help you to create your own unique success playbook. This playbook is a product of your agreement to move in the direction of change. It is a place to write down your thoughts, your goals, your desires, your shortcomings, and to track your growth so you can be a constant student of the game of life. When endeavoring on your dreams and goals in life, it is important to understand how to build a solid foundation, the basic principles, and the strength of all accomplishments.

Does living a successful and purposeful life sound exciting to you? It should. It excites us all. In fact, it is the fabric of our existence. At times, failure may be part of that success. It may come in the form of lessons learned, scratches and bruises, and at times, deep and painful wounds. But The Success Playbook will help you to transfer the energy behind obstacles into the exhilaration that fuels success.

Success is like a house supported by four pillars. If properly constructed, you will find a clear-cut path to abundant living. You will not only get there, but you will get there substantially faster than you would without a strong structural support in place. As we move forward in this book, these four pillars will be referred to as the basics. These basics consist of four rules, and these rules are absolutely crucial to paving the road to success. Once these pillars are formed and sustained, your life and vision will be within reach and easier to create. These basics will become the basis for how you think and conduct yourself in the world. You will learn and use these basics every day, and they will inevitably become automatic for you, eventually leading to habit-forming behaviors that will allow you to master your success.

Success is within reach. It is yours for the taking. The Success Playbook will help to get you there.

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I wanted to thank everyone who supported me through my journey, and I will be sure to let everyone know when the book is available!

I have dedicated my book to my beautiful wife Julie, and my children.

I am giving special thanks to those who came into my life and taught the lessons of adversity. Without these people I would not have known who I really am and what I was able to accomplish. They all know who they are.

Have a great day, and remember, “do something nice for someone today!”


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