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Hi everyone!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a great time of year, renewal, goal setting, and starting out fresh. The past is gone, the future is near, but the now is constant and that is what I believe holds the power of successful living.

It is the moments in life that one should focus their attention, and with each moment looking for the good, or positive, is how you can accomplish big things, and before you know it, Success!

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” In reality, we all have an enormous responsibility, even a duty, to work together to create and manifest the best life imaginable. Humanity relies upon each of us to play our respective roles and move the needle in the direction of a collective heartbeat. Oftentimes we forget that we are each an example to so many people: our friends, our family, our children. They look to us for guidance, education, and acceptance. At times, some of these people we surround ourselves with may look to us to help them manage difficult times and even change the way they live. For that reason, we all have a responsibility to be the change to see the change.

By definition, change means “to make or become different.” What does that mean to you? From my perspective, being different is what makes us all unique; no one person has lived the same life. So being different is a natural state—one that should be embraced, celebrated, and then used as a way to distinguish yourself and your journey.

When I first discovered the power of change, I was in a transitional chapter in my life, and some would consider that particular position to be one of dire straits. I was almost broke and about to be homeless if I didn’t make something happen fast. I can still remember how I felt living on the brink. It was as if I were on a runaway train and couldn’t slow things down. The cliff was in sight, and I was speeding in its direction. But I eventually accepted that I had to be the change I wanted to see in my life. If not me, then who? I recognized that I had no choice but to make it happen on my own terms.

It was that feeling that began to propel my life in the right direction. Feeling comes from the emotional part of the brain. While there is science behind it, that is not my expertise. But I do know enough to get me in trouble. Medically speaking, the brain and stomach are connected through a nerve called the vagus nerve, which sends information to and from the brain and stomach region. The resulting interaction is often referred to as “gut instinct.”

That change in my life combined with my gut instinct is what created my book, The Success Playbook, Essential Lessons to Help You Build a Rich and Happy Life. In my upcoming book I provide the foundation to successful living and and how to find the passion inside yourself to create the life you love living!

Here is what Brian Tracy says about my book:

“The Success Playbook is a valuable road map for anyone who strives to improve aspects of their personal and professional lives. Christopher helps guide you through your journey to find what you love, do what you love, and be the person you’ve always aspired to be.” ~Brian Tracy

Make this year count, and I am excited to hear about your success and how you changed your life!

Come connect with me on my social media sites and I will keep you up to date on the progress of my book and the release date!

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“Do what you love, turn faith into action, and find the courage to try!”

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