“Christopher Cumby is a Sales Trainer, Consultant, and a Master Sales Coach”

Christopher is the author of “The Success Playbook”, and the founder of the Kick-Ass Sales Game; sales, and business coaching and mentoring program designed for the Go-Getters to advance to the top of their game!”

Christopher is also known as “The Kick A$$ Sales Guy”, and has helped many companies and entrepreneurs achieve their sales goals by being on the front lines! 

Though Christopher is best known as a Sales & Marketing expert, 
he is also a motivational speaker and a high-performance trainer. His first company launch crossed the multi-million dollar mark in sales in less 
than 18 months with his partners. His recent sales campaigns have helped energy efficiency companies, and energy risk management companies exceed their desired expectations into the 10’s of millions in the public markets.

Christopher assists Entrepreneurs to launch their businesses strategically using step by step tactics and strategies. Christopher also coaches and mentors business owners, CEO’s and other high profile people.

Highly motivated people understand that having someone see their blind spots is crucial to their success!. Remaining teachable is the greatest asset of successful people, not knowing or applying this key ingredient is why most people continue to delay their success.

“Do what you love, turn faith into action, and find the courage inside!”

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“Chris is a very passionate and dedicated person. He wants to help his clients, this struck me when I first allowed Chris to present to a client. This is evident in his presentation and value that he adds to a solution. Chris knows his business and is an asset to have in your Rolodex!”

Iian Robertson

“Chris is an excellent leader who has integrity, passion and trust for others. He puts actions in front of his words and does what he says.
He is persistent and consistent to achieve his goals and always does a Wow job. Chris is always willing to help others by mentoring and coaching them to grow.He is absolutely the right leader I want to work with.”

Kasia Kujawa
Chris Cumby

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