Interview Questions

Christopher Cumby BIO 

  1. You say you help people change light bulbs. What exactly does that mean?

  2. You believe there’s only ONE thing that prevents someone from living a life of happiness, fulfillment,

    and purpose. What is it?

  3. And, you state that there is a simple tool that someone can use to discovering who they are?

  4. In your book, The Success Playbook, Principles and Strategies to Help You Build a Rich and Happy Life, you reference “The Four Pillars.” What are they and how does one learn these and apply them?

  5. What prompted you to write The Success Playbook? and begin sharing the tools that have worked well for you with others?

  6. The Success Playbook has received some great reviews so far. Why do you think the book has been so well-received?

  7. How does someone create their own Success Playbook?

  8. Is it true that you give a $497 Success Playbook Meditation System away for free? If so, why do you do this and how can viewers grab this offer?

  9. Can you tell us a bit about The Kick A$$ Sales Game?

  10. And, what about your Podcast Show, Think Bold, Be Bold? How does this show help people with their career, business, and life?

  11. The Mavericks Mastermind sounds interesting, can you tell me more about it?

  12. You’ve been quoted as saying “Love what you do, apply faith into action, and find the courage to go after it”. What does this mean?

Chris Cumby

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