The Foundation of Success!

The basics to success!

One of the most important fundamentals of success is to become an Accurate Thinker! What is an Accurate Thinker, you might ask? An Accurate Thinker is someone that does their own thinking, they are creative thinkers,  they understand that there are many opinions, and many view points of various topics of there concern, and they also know how to discern them. They are of the understanding that they must seek the facts before engaging in a specific direction. They are careful of who they listen to, and they understand the philosophy of seeking information from people who have been where they are, and that those people have something they want.

“Be careful WHO YOU LISTEN TO!”

This is a very important element of success, this is one of the most important parts of success. You must remain teachable, you must be willing to LEARN, and CHANGE to attain true and lasting success! In the course I teach I will be covering this topic in great detail, it is a fundamental that the super successful understand and protect.

“You don’t know what you don’t know!”

The “WHY” is 99% of the success you will attain in life. It is important to completely grasp this concept. All to often when I teach others the Success Playbook to inevitably start thinking about “HOW” they will attain their dreams and then they end up never doing anything because they get caught up in searching for the best place to start, they try to build a plan first, they work on things that ultimately end up being a waste of time, and a big distraction. In my course, I will teach you that the “WHY” is where you will focus, and as you build the massive ball of positive energy around it, the law of attraction will move mountains, conspire and collaborate your efforts by placing, people, places, and things in front of you that may have seemed impossible when you were stuck on “HOW”.

“The WHY is what makes it so.”

In my course, I will teach you how to create an automatic rhythm to your success, you will learn another vey important term called “HYPNOTIC RHYTHM”, a term that I learned through my studies and that changed my life forever. I now understand what it takes to learn and turn on the automatic success mind, and I will show you how! There are four stages to learning, and once you start understanding what stage you are on at various times in your quest for success it will provide so much momentum that it may be hard to fathom on your first attempt.

“Hypnotic Rhythm is the key to lasting success.”

Chris Cumby

Learn the basics of success

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