A few Testimonials from people I have helped!

My greatest accomplishment is knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life! I believe in helping others is an amazing way to create a fulfilled life. I believe in giving back, and giving gratitude for the things I have, and been able to experience in my life.

Chris Cumby has been my life and business coach for six months. During that time, he has helped me a tremendous amount. I love reading self-help books and listening to podcasts but one-on-one coaching has helped me in ways those resources have not been able:

Chris shares resources that apply directly to me.

Chris understands the complexities of the unique challenges I face and can offer solutions based on exactly what I need.

Chris holds me accountable.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, being an entrepreneur can leave you feeling lonely when it comes to making major decisions that can impact many lives. Chris has a great personality for understanding the decision at hand and opening my eyes to alternative solutions- usually better than what I’d considered possible. It gives me much more confidence when it’s time to execute those decisions.

Chris is very optimistic. But he’s also very real and practical when it comes to his advice on achieving your own goals.

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to improve in life or in business!

John Wellborn – CEO 

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I would like to recommend Christopher Cumby as a mentor/coach to anyone who is truly looking to better themselves. I never thought in all my life I would use this type of service. It truly just made sense — his approach to mentorship is one from a vantage point not available to the naked-eye.

Christopher has done a outstanding job in guiding me to find myself ( If that makes sense). The greatest misconception is that you don’t need a mentor — in fact, we all struggle with similar issues in life and are looking to solve it but “You don’t know what you don’t know.” When faced with a problem, I found myself looking at it from one perspective only — until my eyes were truly opened and now I am able to deal with more complex issues with simplicity. I have been blessed to have such support from people who truly believe in me. Chris, believes in the people he mentors — and I believe in him and trust his process.

I would recommend Christopher Cumby to anyone who is looking to discover their TRUE self, bring heightened awareness to their lives and improve their professional goals as well. He has a great story to tell everyone, all you need to do is listen.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Kerr – Sales Executive

“I began hearing Chris’ principles 11 years ago when we first met. He was tasked with launching a new commercial sales team and I was I’m the midst of a complete career change. What struck me above all with Chris was his ability to believe in his vision…it was contagious.

My belief system just wasn’t there yet, but when I saw him earn nearly half a million dollars in 8 months and generate a residual income for years to come my belief grew beyond my initial expectations.
Chris’ concepts and strategies for self management and goal setting have worked wonders for me; I just turned 39 and over the past 4-5 years I’ve enjoy a very healthy residual for many years to come and with this I’m able to support my wife and 4 young children with a very satisfying lifestyle.  I work about 2-3 hours per day and spend the rest of the time with my family, investing in other business ventures, or restoring classic cars.  I live in a 5000 square foot home on the waterfront, and my children have a much different life than I did growing up.
Chris’ concepts taught me to believe in my vision, to turn it into something I felt I was going to achieve versus something I thought would be just a dream.
Goals aren’t dreams, they are reality if you believe they are.  Thanks Chris.”

Nick Toll – Entrepreneur 

“Chris Cumby has been a positive influence in my life for over a decade now. His thought leadership and coaching has had a direct impact on my life. Chris and his success playbook and his philosophies on life have without a doubt been an inspiration and part of what led me to finding my own purpose. Chris is a great friend, outstanding coach and mentor.”

Dave Clare – Entreprenuer www.daveclare.com

“Chris Cumby is my mentor, friend and confidant. He is beyond his years in wisdom and happily shares information, like its a currency and has value. He adds value, to any conversation and any room he enters! With Chris’ guidance I have gained more confidence & expertise in my professional and social life. In my personal life, the lessons I attained were through observation, as he leads by example on an everyday basis. The moment we met; I knew I could learn from this man, who lives in such a way that if others did, the world be a better place.”

Carley Simandl – Entrepreneur 

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“Since crossing paths you have steered me into a world of self-improvement but more importantly you have taught me to focus what is already inside of myself. The tools and the teachings are bringing me to a place of success and true fulfillment. I am quite sure I would have been wandering along this path without direction. Still lots to learn but thanks and keep it up my friend!”

 John Birnie – Entrepreneur 

“Chris is awesome. He has helped me professionally and personally in many ways.”

Justin Taylor – C.O.O 

I have directly worked with Christopher for over a decade on various projects and continue to be impressed by his fresh advising outlook. Moment to moment he strives to persevere in the face of adversity. He is a true optimist and always eager to consistently and enthusiastically assist others in finding creative solutions by bringing a touch of extraordinary to the ordinary problem. If you are looking for inspiration in your business life than just go for it!

Karina – Wild Goods – http://instagram.com/wildgoods  


“Chris and his team has contracted my company to do full scale redesigns and web development on several occasions. Working with Chris is always a refreshing experience as he treats us with incredible respect, and is very respectful of – and interested in, our creative process. Chris is a true professional, and at the same time is open, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to collaborate with.”

Jennifer Myers Chua – LinkedIn Recommendation 

“Chris is a very passionate and dedicated person. He wants to help his clients, this struck me when I first allowed Chris to present to a client. This is evident in his presentation and value that he adds to a solution. Chris knows his business and is an asset to have in your Rolodex!”

Iain Robertson – LinkedIn Recommendation

“Chris is an excellent leader who has integrity, passion and trust for others. He puts actions in front of his words and does what he says.
He is persistent and consistent to achieve his goals and always does a Wow job. Chris is always willing to help others by mentoring and coaching them to grow.He is absolutely the right leader I want to work with.”

Kasia Kujawa – LinkedIn Recommendation

“Chris as a sales person was able to pinpoint the kind of help we needed. He was insightful as a business diagnostician. He saw where we could benefit from a good market strategist and was able to connect us with the best solution at North American Commodity Consultants. Chris is good at spotting ones needs and networking with just the right people so that those needs can be met effectively.”

Randy Daiter – LinkedIn Recommendation

“Chris is a very intelligent man. He is well thought out and is capable of providing great wisdom. An open and positive individual can learn a great deal from Chris. He is great at time management and prioritizing to be most effective. Chris is at no loss when it comes to accessing resources for achievement. 
It is easy for me to say that I am better for knowing Chris.”

Barry Laub – Mentor & Coach

“Chris has a immense positive energy that radiates around him and is contagious to say the least. His optimistic outlook on life and his drive to succeed inspires me and all who are close to him. Thanks for your “out of the box” attitude, it empowers me to run over all obstacles to reach my goals and dreams!!”

Trevor Oake – Entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Christopher Cumby as a friend and mentor for the past six years.  As a mentor, he encourages me to be courageous in my career as a filmmaker and has provided me with guidance to make positive decisions which has helped me grow in my career and in life. Chris is a true agent of change! 

Michael Facciolo – Film Producer, Actor

“True character sometimes hides itself in our global social platforms; only through transparency and relationship can it be unveiled. If we are fortunate in our personal and professional endeavors we may witness it early on, as was my experience with Christopher.

Not only is he a servant leader, he provides authentic solutions to complex challenges and opportunities; and he does so with the utmost character.

I believe that Christopher will add depth, leadership and opportunity to your growth and expansion; I highly recommend him. “

Allan Wich – Entrepreneur, Author, & Mentor

“It would be my pleasure to assist you”

I believe in people who believe in themselves!

Chris Cumby

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