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For over two decades I have been investing in personal development. I have followed the greats of the past, to the greats of the present, and during that timeframe I worked to master the fundamentals of accomplishment, and the pillars often referred to as the natural laws of success. Though this journey was very personal in nature, it was quickly apparent that we all have a similar road ahead; an amazing one that can offer you remarkable results. While my journey was unique to me, we all have an exciting opportunity to become more successful than ever imagined, if we simply work to optimize the journey. I have taken all of this information and presented it to you in: The Success Playbook: The 5 Simple Things You Need to Know to Win Big in Your Life.”

Before we move on and discuss The Success Playbook’s strategies, let’s first pinpoint how we define success along with a true definition of a Playbook:

Success is the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

Playbook is defined as a book containing the scripts of one or more plays or strategic moves.

Therefore, it is safe to define The Success Playbook as a book of scripts and plays that will assist you with the attainment of success.

With that definition on the front of your mind, let’s shift our focus to the incredible discoveries I personally encountered on my own journey. My hope is that the insight into my journey can help you to achieve some amazing goals and desires in your own life.

This book is designed to help you build your own special and unique Success Playbook. It will become your manual of thought, application of desire, and be stepping stone for action. It will help you to learn and apply the basic fundamentals of success through time-tested information and practices.

Early in my life, I was fascinated with “how people became successful in life – not only successful with money, but how they were fulfilled and found their true happiness in their lives. It became a personal obsession of sorts. I just couldn’t shake it. I come from humble beginnings – a middle class family with a stay at home mom and a working dad. But somehow my parents always made things work. They provided for my siblings and me. We didn’t have much, but I was happy as a child and it became a great environment to develop as a creative thinker.

For more than ten years, I was a wrestler. That experience helped me tremendously in three ways:

  • It taught me to be a “leader” and to appreciate a team environment.
  • It taught me to be “self reliant” as I was the only one on the mat when it was time to compete.
  • It taught me to always be a student of the sport, and listen to my coach in order to continue my improvement.

I am confident these lessons learned on the mat are applicable outside of the ring. At an early age, I was exposed to a group of mentors who provided me a new lens to view life. They explained to me that my life would become a series of learning’s. The people I hung out with will influence it and the books I read will sculpt it. Back then I read a lot, and one book in particular has always been my main reference for success. That book is called Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill. In fact, it completely changed the way I looked at things, and the things I looked at started to change. This was the moment when my pursuit of success began; it provided me with new principles, and opened my mind to new possibilities. As I developed, so did my views of life. And over the years, I have a learned an enormous amount. My intention is bring this knowledge, and my own experience to you, so that you may adapt what the foundational pillars of success that all super successful people use to create their own successful lives.

Armed with a positive attitude and increasing confidence, I began working towards a greater purpose in life. I recognized the power within myself to do anything my heart desired. I realized that having a ‘definitive purpose’ was the most powerful force in the world, and we all possess this incredible magic when it’s focused in our minds.

It is important to point out that I am a dad, husband, dreamer, entrepreneur, and an achiever. All of these are important shoes to fill and has maintained focus on the important and relevant, while rarely heeding to the nonsensical noise in the background. I have focused my energy to assist my children to grow up confidently, and with gratitude. I believe that our environment and social heredity is crucial to shaping our beliefs, and I intend to live my dreams, so my children are encouraged to live theirs.

I am the founder of Integrity Marketing Inc, a company that was designed as a Sales and Marketing business buy grew through providing it’s core services in the energy risk management markets. I have been in sales most of my life, and if I were to include the small money making machines of my childhood, it would put me at over 30 years as a commissioned sales entrepreneur. I have always worked hard, and put more time than I was paid money in every venture in the beginnings, and that is ultimately where I separated myself from the masses by leveraging the law of compensation.

I have built three companies and consulted with dozens of others resulting in over $500 million in collective revenue. In every case I used the same simple things that are outlined in this book and that I intend to teach you through some basic exercises and concepts of using your mind. It will take work, belief, change, and dedication, but the result will be more than satisfying. It will be success.

I also assist Entrepreneurs strategically launch their businesses using step-by-step tactics and principles found within this book. I also mentor Go-Getters, Business OwnersCEO’s and other high profile people. See, the fact is, highly motivated people understand that having someone see their blind spots is crucial to their success!

Remaining teachable is the greatest asset of successful people and not knowing or applying this key ingredient is why most people continue to delay their success and meet with defeat

This book will help you master your habits, discover your genius zone, and learn how to make accurate decisions, which will manifest in precise results. You will discover keys to happy living and getting exactly what you desire in life. You will learn to self-assess, and expand your knowledge as you learn new techniques and behaviors. Your foundation of knowledge is the most important asset when you endeavor on your dreams. Your ability to build DEEP will create the ability to go HIGH. I will teach you to master this concept and create the rock solid base to your future.

I have outlined each chapter in this book to be simple and clear so you will learn to apply the 5 simple things you need to know about the basic rules of success. You will have the “Playbook” in your hands so you can quickly and easily understand the rules of success before you even play the game of success, no matter what you want to achieve. Regardless of the endeavors you take in your life, I strive to save you years and maybe even decades if you use this knowledge and transform yourself into an “Accurate Thinker” or better yet, a “Creative Thinker”. My hope is that if you follow the rules of this game and combine them with appropriate actions and steadfast and dedicated determination, you will become a very successful person and WIN BIG.

Together, I am confident that we can use my journey as a medium and experience to help you build your own. We all share this game of life and are all meaningful and essential parts of humanity. Together, we can accomplish amazing goals. We can all succeed, achieve, and accomplish.

Love what you do, apply faith into action, and find the courage to try.


Christopher Cumby


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