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“Christopher is one of the foremost experts and authorities on integrity marketing and success…”

Brian Tracy


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 I shared a good laugh with Brian as we chatted about life, family, and business! My philosophy is that you have to “laugh lots, smile more, and dream often!”

It was such a great experience to live my dream, and have the opportunity to interview with Brian Tracy!

If You’re Not Having A Good Time – It’s Not Worth It



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The Success Playbook is a valuable road map for anyone who strives to improve aspects of their personal and professional lives. Christopher helps guide you through your journey to find what you love, do what you love, and be the person you’ve always aspired to be.

~Brian Tracy - Best Selling Author, & International Speaker

If you look at the definition of a PILLAR, it is an upright solid structure that supports a superstructure. The four pillars Chris uses are exactly that: Four cornerstones that support your success! The Success Playbook will teach you how to achieve the success you envision for your own life.

~ Dave Clare, The Prophet for Purpose

Each of us is born with genius, worthy of global contribution, but too often that genius fades away or becomes a distant memory. unless action is taken. The Success Playbook is the best tool I have seen for developing your greatest potential. 5 Stars!

~ Allan Wich, Leaving An Impression, and Co-Host of Think Bold, Be Bold

I have been in a lot of interviews over the years, but I have to admit you guys rock, It has been awesome chatting with you! Chris and Allan, thanks so much for having me, it's been great, really, really a fun time, and I wish you fantastic success!

Joel Comm Speaker, Author, Consultant

Wow, I am B-L-O-W-N away! In my 35+ year career I have done a ton of interviews, but being a guest on Christopher & Allan's podcast ‘Think Bold Be Bold’ was an awesome experience. Christopher and his podcast partner Allan Wich are really exceptional at what they do. It is no wonder their podcast is so highly rated....

Greg HagueReal Estate Maverick, Author, Speaker
Chris Cumby

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